Doula and Lactation Services

Doula Services with Lactation Support

  • Free initial virtual consultation

  • Up to 2 Prenatal visits including Birth Plan consultation

  • Phone/email support pre & postnatally

  • Customized Printed Visual Birth Plan

  • Individualized Doula Care Plan

  • 24-hour on-call support +/- 10 days of your due date

  • Continuous physical and emotional support during labor

  • 1-2 hours initial postpartum support

  • Initial breast/chestfeeding support

  • Photos of baby and family during the first hour 

  • Postpartum visit with lactation evaluation/assessment to include:

    • Anatomy Assessment (parent and baby)​

    • Observation of baby feeding/pumping

    • Suggestions and Individualized Lactation Care Plan

Birth Plan Consultation

  • Up to 2 Birth Plan Consults in person or virtual

  • Printed Visual Birth Plan

Hourly Lactation Support

  • Private lactation consultation (in-home or virtual) to include: 

    • Review pregnancy, childbirth, and lactation experience

    • Thorough health history

    • Anatomy assessment 

    • Sharing personal goals and hopes

    • Observation of baby feeding/pumping

    • Suggestions and Individualized Lactation Care Plan

Lactation Induction Support

This is an overview of what a plan might look like. An induction plan will be different for each family depending on when baby will be arriving. Lactation Induction can be achieved for non-gestational parents, adoptive parents, and trans/GNC/NB parents with varying levels of "success". Success will be determined by each individual.

  • Free initial consultation over the phone

  • Initial private lactation consultation (in-home or virtual) to include:

    • Review pregnancy, childbirth and lactation experience

    • Review induction protocols and methods

    • Thorough health history 

    • Anatomy assessment 

    • Sharing personal goals, hopes and what "success" would mean

    • Suggestions and Indviualized Lactation Care Plan provided 

    • Unlimited texts/emails until final follow up visit

All Pricing is listed on the scheduling page