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You May Qualify for Insurance Covered Support

Doula and Lactation Services are covered by some insurances!

Insurance Covered Lactation Support

Peachy Births is IN NETWORK* for Aetna and Subsidiaries

Please click here to verify your insurance coverage.

Then, book an appointment under the Insurance Eligible Services option.


Aetna & Subsidiaries (Meritain, Coventry, First Health)

I will bill your Aetna or Meritain plan directly. I will bill your Coventry and First Health plan directly, as they allow. Most plans will cover 3-6 lactation visits either prenatally or postpartum. Some plans cover lactation support at 100%. However, there is no guarantee of coverage until after the claims have been submitted.

-Aetna often states you have 6 "free" lactation visits. You do have six S9443 codes between you and your baby. Those have no associated cost-sharing (copay, coinsurance, deductible) but do not pay well enough to be billed as a stand-alone code, meaning I can not use those by themselves.

-If you have taken any "free" lactation classes through Aeroflow (or similar companies), they may have used some or all of your lactation benefits.

- At each visit, we bill s9443 for the parent and for baby (assuming both are present and have Aetna coverage), in addition to appropriate office visit, telehealth or home visit codes.

- Cost-sharing is often applied to home, telehealth or office codes for the parent, baby, or both, when the visit is longer than 30 minutes. Our visits are typically 60-120 minutes.

-Copays, coinsurance or deductibles are not always applied to these codes, but when they are, they commonly range from $15 to $50 for either the parent, the baby, or both.

-At the beginning of the year when deductibles have not been met, you can expect to see more cost-sharing.

-We will do our best to have Aetna reprocess claims that apply cost sharing and it is expected that you will also contact your plan to inform them of the inappropriate cost sharing. It is, however, not guaranteed that these efforts will be successful.

Please note that due to the variability of Aetna plans and unreliable cost estimates from Aetna, we cannot guarantee the exact costs. Also note, that calling the Aetna representatives will not always get you accurate information about potential cost sharing.

If you need to confirm the In Network status, here are our details:

Peachy Births: Doula and Lactation Services

NPI: 1538755715

EIN: 86-1882820

Address: 4444 N Belleview Ave Suite 204 Kansas City, Mo 64118

Phone: 913-703-3252

We hope this information helps you navigate your Aetna (and subsidiary) plan benefits effectively. 

*Limitations and exclusions may apply.

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