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Educational Classes

Childbirth and Lactation Education are covered by some insurances!

Private Childbirth Education Class

A Doula's Guide to Hospital Birth.

This comprehensive course covers all the basics of what any birthing person needs to know to have the birth they want including:

  • Stages of Labor

  • Comfort Measures

  • Hospital Policies

  • Birth Planning

  • Dealing with unexpected changes

  • Postpartum expectations

Childbirth education is included in all doula packages.

Group, couples and private classes available.

Private Cloth
Diapering Class

These modern cloth diapers are not your grandma's folded cloths and safety pins (unless you want them to be). I've done the research so you don't have to. Let me help take some of the mystery out of cloth diapering with a private class including:

  • Types and Styles

  • Brands

  • Wash Routines

  • Fitting 

  • And examples of each

Babies are born knowing how to suck. It's a natural reflex. But that doesn't mean they'll know how to feed. Anyone who will be feeding a baby human milk can benefit from this class. Invite a friend to take this class with you and you'll both get a discount. Lactation classes can be billed to/reimbursed by insurance. Ask me how.

We'll discuss:

  • Anatomy and how it all works

  • Feeding Basics

  • Common Concerns

  • Self-Troubleshooting/When to call for help

  • How partners can help

Private Lactation Class

Private Infant Care

Folks always say, Babies don't come with a manual. And that's true.

But there are some basic things every parent should know. We'll discuss:

  • The first weeks home

  • Feeding Basics

  • Common Concerns/When to call the doctor

  • How to care for baby from head to toe

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