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What is Perinatal Safe Spot?

Member of the National Perinatal Task Force

"A Perinatal Safe Spot  is a physical or virtual space, or both – a place where families can safely connect and find support.

A Perinatal Safe Spot is also a place to utilize the four tenets of The JJ Way® model of care which enable ANYBODY who cares to make a positive difference in a pregnant or parenting person’s life.

The tenets are to provide ACCESS, CONNECTIONS, KNOWLEDGE and EMPOWERMENT  in order to increase the opportunities for a positive birth outcome."

This is why Peachy Births: Doula and Lactation Services LLC offers sliding scale services so that all families who are in need of support can access care. Access the sliding scale application here.

Black parents and their infant snuggling
Parent holding baby while gazing down and smiling

Black OBs and Midwives*

Ashley's Local Resource List

            Truman/University Health 

        Aja Greer, ARNP

        Caryn Johnson, MD

         D'Lita M Parker, ARNP

Overland Park Regional 

Brittany Lambert, MD

         Kansas City Women's Clinic  

    Janita Coffey, NP


Legends OBGYN

Donald Peghee, MD


Labored With Love

Lydia Robinson, CPM

Out of Eden Midwifery

Clarisa Evans


*All providers may not deliver babies. 

Birth Centers
(Free Standing, Not in a Hospital)

Home Birth Midwives

New Birth Company Overland Park

9209 West 110th Street, #36 Overland Park, KS

Tel: 913-735-4888

Parent doing yoga with infant

Chriopractors & Body Workers


Postpartum Exercise/Yoga Classes/Mother and Baby Exercise Classes


Postpartum Depression Resources & Support Groups

  • The Postpartum Emotional Support Group meets in person Thurs, 5:30-6:30 p.m., at the SMMC Outpatient Entrance.

    • Call 913-632-4223.

FB-You are not alone |   Postpartum Support Group   Kansas City

The Postpartum Resource Center of Kansas
Telephone: 866.363.1300

Therapy Services for Pregnancy/Postpartum

Melanated Maternal Therapy


Centimano Counseling


The Healing Corner

Maternal Mental Health KC

Support Groups

Support groups for parents of children with special needs

  • Sunshine Center:                 607 West Lexington Avenue     Independence Missouri 64050

       Tel: 816-833-2088    

  • Turning Point:                         8900 State Line Road, Suite 240, Shawnee Mission, KS 66206-1936

       Tel: 913-383-8700

Parenting Support

Perinatal Loss Support Groups

Play Groups

Early Intervention/

Programs for Babies with Special Needs

      Tel: 1-866-583-2392  

Childcare Options 

Parenting Classes

       Tel: (816) 302-8229

Lactation Support

Kansas Breastfeeding Coalition

La Leche League

Milk Pump suppliers*

*Pump suppliers may advertise "free" lactation classes. These are not free and could use your insurance coverage for pospartum lactation support. Proceed with caution!

Parent holding baby across chest

Postpartum Doulas

Labored with Love

Lydia Robinson

Blissful Beginnings

Janice Ingram


Kansas City Center for Inclusion


Tel: (816) 753-7770 

Address: 3911 Main Street Kansas City, MO 64111

Emergency Youth Resources

Lion House 

Our Spot KC

Family Building Resources 

Modern Family Alliance

Foster Adopt Connect

Resources for Trans/NB/GNC folks

Nafasi TransCare Collective

Transformations KC

The Transgender Institute

Gay parents holding baby while looking at each other affectionatly and baby staring into camera

LGBTQIA+ Resources

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