You May Qualify for Free Lactation Support

Doula and Lactation Services are covered by some insurances!



I am a Non-Network provider for Tricare. Doula services are covered.

Missouri Medicaid

Lactation Services may be covered. Please contact me directly to learn more


I am an In Network provider for Aetna. Lactation Services are covered*.

Other Insurances

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The Lactation Network

​Lactation services are covered* for the following insurances:


  • Anthem BCBS PPO

  • Cigna PPO

  • United PPO

Step 1

To verify your coverage for BCBS, Anthem, Cigna or United click below:


Step 2:

Once you have verified coverage, or if you have Aetna, book an appointment under the Insurance Eligible Services option.

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Insurance Covered Services


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*Limitations and exclusions may apply.