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Robyn T

Ashley took time to understand how to relate to me - she knew that I needed someone kind yet firm, and she was exactly what I needed. She is very knowledgeable about everything baby and labor - and she is non-judgemental. She's there to advocate for the decisions and wants of the mom - and she does that flawlessly!



She made herself available for all our questions and even though the birth ended up being a little different than how we planned, it was less traumatic than it would've been had she not been there. I recommend her all the time and every time I look at my little man I think of what a loving and comfortable environment she helped to make my birth, even despite any tears or pain there may have been. ABSOLUTELY loved the detailed and customized birth plan she worked with me to create! Helped me feel more prepared and less scared.



I am so very grateful to Ashley for her help with my first pregnancy! She has a wealth of knowledge regarding all things baby. My husband and I asked her questions regarding everything from car seats, to pump recommendations, to the labor processes and beyond. She provided well balanced information regarding the pros and cons of each topic/product and allowed us to make our own decisions without judgement.



I felt supported through my pregnancy and birth, I only wish I’d started working with Ashley earlier than we did. Ashley worked with my wife to induce lactation and helped us with our baby’s first feeding. With her guidance we knew what choices we could make about the care of our baby and how I would be treated during labor and delivery. Our whole family was cared for by Ashley during a very vulnerable time and I’m incredibly grateful!

 In working with a doula all the hopes I had were far exceeded, I felt seen as myself, respected and affirmed in my trans experience from our first conversation.



We were glad to find Ashley late in my pregnancy. She was prompt with communications from the start. Ashley played a huge role in the success of my VBAC. During labor, she guided me through different labor positions and provided support to my partner. She paid attention to details. When noticing that I didn't urinate the entire day, she made my OB aware of the issue. We were so glad that she was by our side for the birth of our baby. Thank you Ashley!



(She) came with a great recommendation and we had a great connection immediately. (She) advocated for me and stayed calm and informative. (She was) very patient and a wealth of information. (I'm) so glad she was available. Would not have made it without her. 



From first meeting with Ashley I knew she was going to be a great doula and support for me and my spouse, AJ. She was really thorough in explaining the different stages of delivery as this was my first baby and I had no idea what to expect or what my choices were for a birth plan. She didn't push me into what choices I made but rather presented all my options and gave me a chance to think about with AJ to create a plan that was right for us. During the pregnancy anytime I had questions she was responsive and helped answer things for us. By the time our labor and delivery finally rolled around she was amazing! She was helped manage pain, gave AJ some ideas as to how to support and continues to help me make decisions during the labor when I wanted to pivot a little from our original birth plan.


Katie B

She was so helpful throughout the process of making a birth plan and helping to guide me in my decisions regarding my birth plan. She was also extremely helpful to me when it came to my labor.... She also had great advice for what to expect in the first few days after birth and assisted me in initiating breastfeeding. She was also very prompt about responding to messages sent those first few days postpartum and was good about reaching out and checking in on me as well.

Pile of Oranges


Ashley was a wonderful resource during my first pregnancy. She gave detailed and personal care during my pregnancy, learning the ins and outs of cloth diapering, and with lactation post birth. Unfortunately, due to last minute hospital changes for COVID she was unable to attend my birth, but I have no doubt she would have been an invaluable resource. She was quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had, and my journey breastfeeding was made so much easier with her knowledge and help. In addition, she made cloth diapering seem less overwhelming and more manageable. I will definitely be using her in the event of another pregnancy or for further help in any of her services.

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